Macor Celso (1925-1998)


Celso Macorwas born in Versa di Romans on 4 August 1925. He was the director of magazines such as "Iniziativa isontina" and "Alpinismo goriziano", a journalist, head of the Municipality's press office, author of essays on the history and environment of Gorizia (his pieces dedicated to the Isonzo and the mountains, published in Aesontius, are particularly suggestive. Dalle Alpi al mare accompanied by photos by Luigi Cargnel and in Volo con l'Aquila. Images and thoughts on the Julian Alps combined with photos by Carlo Tavagnutti) and various interventions in the political and cultural field. "Who more than him has known his people! People of different languages, unique and genuine expressions of an unparalleled ethnic-cultural mosaic": this is how Otello Silvestri recalled his work as a reviewer of the works of the authors of these lands and as an interpreter of the soul and vocation of his city.

He was also a poet; but he came to poetry late, at the end of the seventies, choosing to render through poetic language and the use of Friulian expression the participation in the life of ordinary people and in the history of his land, becoming in short a point of reference for the contemporary culture of Gorizia and Eastern Friuli. He published the collections of poems Impia peraulis (1980), Se 'l flun al mur (1989), I fucs di Belen (1996) and the collections of short stories I voi dal petaros (1986), Tiara (1991). He died in Gorizia on 28th November 1998.