Perhaps in a small percentage, but also our voice - like that of not many others - has been important to make common sense triumph in the now long-standing history of the Province of Gorizia, which the president Fedriga, junta and regional commission have decided to restore*. Fundamental was the position taken by the mayors - almost all of them - who made their voices heard. Decisive was the action of some regional councillors who evidently had the protection of the territory at heart, such as Diego Bernardis. We have always said that the reconstitution of the province was a necessary and indispensable step to give back to the territory the prerogative to decide its own future. After the constitution of the Uti, which Serracchiani invented in order to bring to the feet of the then president of the Renzi council the primacy of a useless institutional reform; after the supine and almost always forced acceptance of the Uti by many municipalities (for example, the mayor of Dolegna Bernardis - also him - and the mayor of Fogliano Redipuglia Calligaris, both regional councillors today) it was immediately understood that the mechanism invented by the left and superimposed on the health districts was fallacious. The province of Gorizia had been divided in two, transformed into a two-headed monster: the left thus codified the eternal split of this handkerchief, fuelling that rivalry between Gorizia and Monfalcone which allowed the other territories of the Region, Trieste in the lead, to make litter of our structures and institutions, preventing an integrated economic development, stopping any project that went beyond the municipal territory. Gorizia is for us something more than an idea and an identity: Gorizia, Isonzo or Friuli Orientale is a real and concrete territory, full of culture, art and history as well as other regional territories and rich in financial and economic resources that have never been properly exploited and that it will be the task of us young people to bring to light and finally use for the well-being of citizens. Never give up.


*in the Notes our letter to the mayors of the Isonzo.