Mainardo the 1st, XII sec.


Few data are left on Mainardo I, even his precise identification (son of Count Aribo or Count Mainardo?) is not certain, but Mainardo I is considered the founder of the dynasty of the Counts of Gorizia. His name - Meginhardus de Guriza - is the first one that appears, in a document of 1117, associated with the title of Count of Gorizia. In order to understand at least in part the origins of the Counts of Gorizia it is necessary to venture into an intricate line of succession, at the end of which the dominion of the county was then reached by a lineage that had already acquired numerous possessions in Austria, around Millstatt, where it had founded the famous abbey.

The Counts of Gorizia were therefore direct descendants of the Counts of Val Pusteria and Lurngau, although they were also related to the Bavarian family of the Counts Ariboni: at the origins of the lineage should be Liutgarda and Count Aribo, founder of the Millstatt monastery, on which the Counts of Gorizia exercised, from the beginning, their hereditary avocacy.

They had two sons: Enghelberto and that Meginhard, or Mainardo, who is also mentioned in a document from Aquileia in 1064 as "Meginardus de Guriza" (in the picture Count Aribo - on the right - with his wife Liutgarda in a bas-relief preserved in Milstatt).