Marco Bernot (1967- 2010)


After obtaining his high school diploma, he began to work in wood restoration. In the meantime he devoted himself to artistic expression in both sculpture and painting. His creative path is that of pure self-taught, a path that from wood craftsmanship evolves towards drawing, sculpture and material painting, gradually discovering the various techniques, skills and limitations of his hands. He tries to pass on to others his research and knowledge acquired by teaching for several years at theUnitre di Cormons.  

Since 1997 he has been taking part in art competitions, symposia and exhibitions: he took part in the extempore "Città di Udine" and won the first prize at the exhibition "Animale" organized by the Punto Giovani of Gorizia; in 1998 he set up his first personal exhibition at the Punto Giovani of Gorizia. He exhibited at the sculpture exhibition in Cison di Val Marino, Treviso; at the Art Galery Trophy, Pro Loco di Sistiana, Trieste; at the extempore "Ai quattro pioppi", Fossalon, Gorizia; at the art collective promoted by the Art Galery of Trieste. Both in 1999 and 2001 he held solo exhibitions at the "Arthè" space in Gorizia. From 2000 to 2009 there are many personal exhibitions: &Pittosculture&, Circolare culturale Il Colle, San Daniele del Friuli; &Uomini di polystyrene&, Enoteca Serenissima, Gradisca d'Isonzo; Caffè de Rocco, Gorizia; Municipio di Nova Gorica, Slovenia; &Talismani&, Caffè teatro, Gorizia; Atelier Bernot, Gorizia; &Memorie di civiltà&, Biblioteca Statale Isontina, Gorizia; Spazio espositivo TILT, Cormons. In the same years, Marco Bernot is also present in numerous group exhibitions, symposiums and art competitions: &I colori della follia&, Padiglione Arac, Trieste; extempore "Città di Gonars"; competition "Tradi Friul". , Circle Ancol, Gonars; &Today: graphics and sculpture&, Art Galery 2, Trieste; "Skultura" Symposium of wooden sculpture, Gorizia; &Lignea&, Atelier Bernot, Gorizia; International Festival of contemporary art Arhipelag, Gorizia, Salcano, Kromberg, Nova Gorica (Slovenia); State Library Isontina, Gorizia; &Lignea&, Atelier Bernot, Gorizia; &Sottosopra&, Atelier Bernot, Gorizia; collective exhibition at Kulturni Dom &Bratuž&, Gorizia; &Ninfe&, Parco del Municipio di Gorizia; &Visi da Magnar& e &Scultura&, Ex ospedale degli incurabili, Venezia; extempore "Premio San Floriano" Castello di Formentini, San Floriano del Collio (winner of the 1st prize); &Vertigine del sacro&, Galleria Dora Bassi, Gorizia. La paura dell'altro&, collective exhibition at the Rogers Station in Trieste is the last public presence of the artist from Gorizia, a few months after his death caused by an incurable illness. Despite his illness and continuous suffering, Marco Bernot decided to enroll at the Accademia delle Belle Arti in Venice, sculpture section, taking various exams with excellent results.