Marin Biagio (1891-1985) 


Biagio Marin, the poet of the golden island, born in Grado on 29 June 1891, died in Grado on 24 December 1985, was linked to Gorizia by a long, sometimes tumultuous affection, from many years spent in the city first as a student and then as a teacher, by a bond of friendship sealed in 1976 by the conferral of honorary citizenship.

The young "Biaseto" studied in Gorizia: a guest of the Salesians, he attended the Staatsgymnasium, where he met Carlo Michelstaedter, a few years older than him (the poet left an effective description of the first meeting with the philosopher in the courtyard of the high school). He was expelled from the school for a serious disciplinary offence (he had gone to class armed with a gun), but despite this episode of his youth he always remained affectionately attached to the city: here he formed himself, took part in clubs and cultural assaults, printed his first verses: Fiuri de tapo (1912) and La girlanda de gno gno nuns. (1922). And here he taught, for some years, at the Magistral Institute: an experience that ended negatively, since his teaching methods were not accepted, not in line with those of the time. But Gorizia remained always dear to him.

A poet in the Grado dialect and candidate for the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1981, Biagio Marin dedicated a small volume of "prose d'arte" to Gorizia: pages in prose, in Italian, where the poet's soul transfigures words and images into a poetic language rich in nuances and feelings.

In that little big book, Gorizia, published in 1940 and reprinted after the war with the addition of a few chapters and with the subtitle "the mutilated city", Marin evoked places, people and memories of the city, which was not his golden island, but which he loved with a different but no less great love.

"From the island in the sea they showed me the mountains towards the Greek, and pointing to me a whitish spot in the wavering of the blue masses, they said to me: that is the Holy Mountain, and at its feet is Gorizia. The city was hidden by veils of mountains, by mist, by mists and clouds. It was far away, and no one on the island knew the roads that led there. We only knew that between us and the mountains there was a great plain: Friuli. Many roads, many villages, and rivers to climb, to ford, and others to cross over bridges ...".

This is how the poet's story began, almost like in a fairy tale of a magical past, and this is how Gorizia appeared to him at the end of the journey:

"So I saw her for the first time, on a hot day of June 1st, from the Màinizza, with her castle on the hill, uncertain between green and heavenly, behind a veil of heat and dust. And now I know that since then I have loved her."

In the auditorium of the classical high school "Dante Alighieri" of Gorizia in viale XX Settembre there is a bust of Biagio Marin. The room is dedicated to the poet, a former student of the institute.