Mario Palli (1946)


She lives and works between Ljubljana and Gradisca d'Isonzo. He studies at the State Art Institute of Gorizia and has as teachers the artists Cesare Mocchiutti, Mario Sartori and Tino Piazza. Graduated Master of Art in painting decoration, he attended the Magisterium of Art at the State Institute of Venice. He enrolled in the section of Mural and Fresco Decoration and deepened the techniques of restoration and tearing of this particular pictorial language. His first exhibition dates back to 1962. One of his paintings is included in a group exhibition organized in the Pro Loco Gallery in Gorizia and is mentioned in an article published by "Il Piccolo" by the critic and painter Fulvio Monai. In 1963 Cesare Mocchiutti, his workshop teacher of pictorial decoration, organized a personal exhibition at the Piccola Permanente del Caff√® Teatro in Gorizia. After finishing his studies in Venice he dedicated himself to teaching and artistic production. 

In the '70s he travelled a lot, perhaps in search of support, a reason, a balance necessary to continue his pictorial and graphic research. He visited Turkey, Iran and Afghanistan and found the right stimuli to work intensively in the study of Gradisca d'Isonzo. In that period, we are already in 1980, he successfully participates in the famous International Biennial of graphics organized in Ljubljana, Tokyo and Kyoto. In the following years, after this important experience of comparison between East and West, Palli explores Central Eastern Europe, a territory to which he feels particularly attached. He exhibited in Poland, Yugoslavia, Hungary, Austria, Germany, Czechoslovakia and the Soviet Union. From the first exhibition in Gorizia until today, Palli participates in hundreds of group exhibitions, international exhibitions of graphics, prestigious painting awards. He also has solo exhibitions in many important Art Galleries and Museums in Italy, Belgium, Spain, Holland, Finland, Sweden, India, Japan, Brazil. 50 years of activity characterized by what Bonito Oliva defines as "cultural nomadism". In fact Mario Palli prefers to cross the borders between states and peoples and bring his art "around" rather than fossilize in one place. An international and contemporary artist, therefore, always available to confront new and different realities from ours, also as far as private life is concerned: he lives between Gradisca d'Isonzo and Ljubljana and, in both residences, he has created two beautiful ateliers in order to work.