Mario Tudor (1932)


He lives and works in Milan. He graduated from the Liceo Artistico di Venezia. After a short period in Trieste, in 1959 he moved permanently to Milan. For some he is freelance graphic designer at Rinascente and then as graphic designer and art director for a multinational company. In 1966 he decided to dedicate himself exclusively to art, thus realizing his great passion for painting. He has been exhibiting since 1950. At the end of the 80s he abandoned painting and dedicated himself exclusively to textile art or Fiber Art. He created hundreds of tapestries, curtains, paper and fabric sculptures and other "light" objects. In 1988 he made to order a large work that was placed in the entrance hall of the XVII Triennale di Milano. From 1950 to 1959 he participated actively in the cultural and artistic life of Gorizia. He exhibited at Palazzo Attems, the Reading Circle, the Press Club and the Piccola Permanente del Caffè Teatro. He has staged numerous important personal exhibitions. In 1953 at the "R" Gallery in Verona. 

In 1966 at the "Il Canale" Gallery in Venice and a year later, again in Venice, at the "San Vidal" Gallery. In 1970 he exhibited at the Palacio de Bellas Artes in Mexico City. In 1971 he is present at the Gallery "Morone 6" in Milan. In 1972 at the "Scudo" in Verona, at the "Falchi" Gallery in Milan at Studio Cartesius and at the Galleria Comunale in Trieste. In 1974 at the Rizzoli Centre in Milan, at the Querini Stampaglia Foundation in Venice and at the Galleria Comunale in San Pier d'Isonzo at the invitation of the critic Giulio Montenero from Trieste. In 1975 he exhibited at the former convent of San Sebastiano in Venice and at the Museo Provincial de La Plata; in 1978 at the Incontro Gallery in Rome; in 1982 at the "Babel" Gallery in Heibron (Stuttgart). In 1987 he set up a major exhibition of tapestries at the Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa, in Piazza San Marco in Venice. In 1988 at the Regional Gallery of Contemporary Art "Luigi Spazzapan" in Gradisca d'Isonzo. Numerous group shows and participation in prestigious awards including, in 1969, the International Drawing Prize "Mirò" in Barcelona. He painted a panel of the "Wall of the five languages" at Piedimonte del Calvario (Gorizia) along the boundary wall of the former cotton mill. In December 2011 he donated one of his tapestries to the Pinacoteca dei Musei Provinciali of Gorizia.