Maurizio Gerini (1954)


He lives and works in Gorizia. In 1976 he obtained his high school diploma in applied art at the State Art Institute of Gorizia. His masters are Cesare Mocchiutti, Giorgio Celiberti and Agostino Piazza. In 1990 he began an intense exhibition activity. Until 1995 he proposes a selection of works in the headquarters of the Cultural Association "Mittel Art" of Gorizia. In 1998 he is present at "Friuli doc", Udine, and at the "Punto Giovani di Gorizia. In 1999 he exhibited at the "Art Galery" in Trieste and in 2000 he painted together with Paolo Figar a space of the "Wall of the five languages", along the first stretch of the wall of the former cotton mill of Piedimonte del Calvario, in Gorizia. 

In 2001 he is present in the space "Giuseppe della Torre" of the Cassa di Risparmio di Gorizia. 2002 was a busy year. In fact, Maurizio Gerini exhibits at San Giorgio di Nogaro, Gorizia at Caffè De Rocco, at the Museum of Friulian Peasant Civilization in Farra d'Isonzo, at Villa de Brandis in San Giovanni al Natisone and at the Enoteca "La Serenissima" in Gradisca d'Isonzo. In recent years the painter from Gorizia has been present in many important art exhibitions: at the "Di Iorio" hall of the Isontina State Library of Gorizia; at the Cultural Association "Anfora" of Terzo d'Aquileia; at the "Dora Bassi" Gallery of the Auditorium of Gorizia; at the international exhibition of contemporary art "Archipelag" between Gorizia and Nova Gorica; at the International Art Symposium of Rodez (Slovenia); at the international exhibition "Passaggi" in the Castle in Gorizia; at the Transalpine Railway Station in Nova Gorica. He has held solo exhibitions at the Caucigh Café in Udine; at the Equilibri Bookshop in Gorizia; at the Wine Café in Piazza della Vittoria in Gorizia.