Mauro Mauri (1945-2001)


He attended the School of Art (three years lower) and, later, the course of wall painting decoration (frescoes, graffiti, glossy frescoes, temperas) at the State Institute of Art in Gorizia. He taught for a short period at the State Art Institute of Gorizia and, afterwards, he taught Art Education in various middle schools of the city. At a certain point he decided to abandon teaching and dedicate himself exclusively to painting. After years of intense work, he approached computer-art without ever neglecting traditional painting. Under the acronym "Mau Red", he created two digital black and white comics: &Gli Yama& and &Paul mc Chaty&. A great colourist, both in traditional and digital forms of expression, he is one of the most complete isontine authors to the point of being among the first, if not the first in the region, to experiment and use the computer artistically. He leaves us works of great importance created along a path of over thirty years of work, begun in the distant sixties, during which he painted hundreds of paintings, frescoes, installations up to the most recent digital creations. In fact, his first exhibitions date back to 1962: he took part in a Regional Painting Competition in Latisana and won the first prize and then exhibited with Luciano de Gironcoli at the Trattoria "Alle Viole" in Gradisca d'Isonzo. Since then Mauro Mauri has taken part in hundreds of national and international group shows, painting prizes and extempore competitions. In 1963 he participated in the first edition of the Regional Biennial of Painting Prize "Stella Matutina" of Gorizia and was awarded the Gold Medal of the Municipality. Two years later he won the first prize.

in 1964 and 1965 he exhibited together with Giuseppe Goia and Luciano de Gironcoli in the Exhibition Hall of the Galleria della Cassa di Risparmio in Corso Verdi in Gorizia. In 1966 he participated in the National Prize "Luoghi e Visioni Dantesche" in Rome and the National Prize "San Fedele" in Milan. In 1966 with Demetrij Cej, Giorgio Valvassori, Luciano de Gironcoli, Claudio Chincic and other painters from Gorizia and Trieste, Mauro Mauri is present at the collective exhibition "8 pittori giuliani" which is set up in the galleries "Primopiano" in Padua and "Il Cenacolo" in Vicenza. In 1969 and 1970 he exhibited at the Galleria della Pro Loco in Gorizia together with the photographer Arduino Altran and Luciano de Gironcoli as well as at the gallery "Sagittaria" in Pordenone in an exhibition with artists from the Triveneto and at the regional exhibition "Art and Science Fiction" set up at the Castle of San Giusto in Trieste. In 1971 he was at the "Sagittario" Gallery in Udine together with Luciano de Gironcoli. He took part in the experience stay organized in Idrija (then Yugoslavia) by the Slovenian Federal Government and the Friulian Plastic Arts Centre of Udine. He is invited to the International Festival of Bayreuth (Germany) where the cultural magazine "L' Asterisco" of Trieste organizes an open-air art exhibition on the occasion of the great music festival. He also exhibits in France, in Chambéry and Thionville. In 1973 he was invited to the VI INTART at the Mestna Galerija in Lijubljana. In 1969 he set up a personal exhibition in the halls of the Cultural Centre "Stella Matutina" in Gorizia. For the occasion he painted a large painting of 15 metres base and 2.5 metres height where he depicted the epic of man: from caves to the conquest of space. Later he also exhibited at the "Il Traghetto" Gallery in Venice; at the Municipal Art Hall in Trieste; at the "New Space" Gallery in Folgaria di Trento; at the historical Gallery of the Friulian Plastic Arts Centre in via Stringer in Udine; at the "New Space" Gallery in San Polo in Venice; at the EXIT Studio Gallery in Gorizia; at the "Caucigh Refectory" in Udine.