Is it possible that Gorizia can't make the sum of her addendums and she's so good at subtractions? First of all, we would like to thank those (and there are many of them) who have appreciated and shared our reflections on that exceptional product that is the Rose of Gorizia. This priceless treasure of our land, which finds in the "Radicchio Rosso and Canarino di Gorizia Producers' Association" its most authoritative garrison and which must be relaunched also in terms of tourist and cultural attraction, would deserve a place, a showcase, through which to promote its qualities together with those of the many other typical products of our territory. Having said this, here we are at the core, in the style of Lapalisse: who better than the beautiful Art Nouveau building that houses the covered market, which at the dawn of the twentieth century welcomed the most coveted and delicious first fruits to be exported throughout the Habsburg Empire could provide an ideal setting not only for the Rose but for "our products" and then we talk about the wealth of excellence that thrives in our territory, which we would like to call "Gorizia" again? And instead of this magnificent structure, today lives a merciless decadence despite its history and its great, unexpressed potential. But there is also a slightly comic side around the always future renovation works of the complex, until the 70s true regional temple of flavours at Km0. At the end of April this year, a visit to the Mercado San Miguel in Madrid*, which serves a city of two million inhabitants, was announced in the newspaper Il Piccolo to draw inspiration to modernize and revitalize our poor market. We do not know the results of the trip to Spain. We would also like to point out that there are markets in New York, Manila, Hong Kong, Paris and Tokyo to learn from, but for now the result of this tour has been the opening by Coldiretti of a new covered market in Via IX Agosto, in direct competition with the one in Via Boccaccio, which - in the face of its much-flagged relaunch - has to face the presence of a hypermarket fifty metres away. 


*edition of 24 April 2019.