The deplorable act of vandalism of which the most illustrious Gorizian of all times, Carlo Michelstaedter, was the object, damaging the statue that the City Council, with the praiseworthy initiative of the then Councillor Antonio Devetag and the approval of Ettore Romoli, installed at the entrance of Via Rastello, leads us to reflect on a shortcoming that must be remedied. 

We are referring to the fact that the study of this great philosopher, universally recognized as one of the most original and enlightened thinkers of his time, is not addressed in school curricula. Is it possible that the scholastic institutes of Gorizia - those of his city - are not induced to reserve some lessons for the students - the vast majority of whom do not even know his existence - the figure of this great Goritian? Is it possible that the history, in particular the one between the 19th and 20th century, which is a very rich history in all the various cultural fields and which has expressed many illustrious personalities, is not dealt with in the city's schools? We believe that had the other capitals of the region had such cultural heritage, they would have given it much more emphasis. Paradoxically Gorizia suffers instead, also in the cultural field, a slow and inexorable spoliation (see the Provincial Museums) of its vast and precious heritage, renouncing a dutiful, vehement reaction to a regional reform of local authorities that would sweep away the same provincial autonomy. We, who have Gorizia in our hearts, are committed to giving our modest contribution of stimulation and denunciation so that the history and culture of Gorizia may recover the role and importance that they deserve to have.

Rossella Dosso - Gorizia3.0