Our proposal to name the Liceo Classico Gorizia, formerly Staatgymnasium, after the great Carlo Michelstaedter, has provoked a great debate. We rejoice and sincerely praise those who wanted to participate.

 As was to be expected, different points of view were registered: some agreed, others - former students in particular - claimed, understandably, their emotional bond with the school dedicated to the Supreme Poet. We reiterate the appropriateness of the proposal and make us especially sure that the school itself is not induced - as it should be - to give a worthy recognition to the young intellectual from Gorizia, whose consideration has acquired a world-wide scope. We are surprised that the school itself does not feel the need to remember - to those who are attending it - the figure and thought of its most illustrious student. But we know that the institutions of Gorizia do not respond willingly to public solicitations, accustomed as they are to operate in watertight compartments, cultivating their garden as far away as possible from peering eyes. Well... But today is October 17, the anniversary of the death of Carlo Michelstaedter, who among the intellectuals of Gorizia has been able to rise above all. Believing that it is likely that if other capitals of our region had such a philosopher, a man of letters and painter, and the cultural heritage that the city has been able to express through its figures of intellectuals, they would have given much more emphasis. Gorizia, on the other hand, seems to have forgotten its most illustrious son. If it weren't for the small museum in the Synagogue and the statue made by the then Councillor for Culture Devetag, of the author of "La Persuasione e la Rettorica" (en: "Persuasion and Rhetoric") there would be very little left. Sergio Campailla, who in his time was entrusted with a sort of monopoly on the studies of our philosopher, presented his last one in Rome and fortunately, the director of the Isontina State Library, Marco Menato, will represent us at the National Library, which holds the "Michelstaedter Fund" on behalf of the Municipality of Gorizia. We want Michelstaedter to "live" in the city that gave him birth and that he loved deeply. "Silence the night around me solemn, the hours go and parade the memories as a black and funeral convoy" is the incipit of one of his poems. In our small way, we will fight so that the night (of oblivion) does not obscure the glow of the thought and work of this great Goriziano. Perhaps with an event dedicated to him like the one of great success that was organized by the Province of Gorizia in 1987, which was attended by the greatest Italian and European philosophers.

Rossella Dosso - Gorizia3.0