Mocchiutti Cesare (1916-2006)


Cesare Mocchiutti(Villanova del Judrio 1916 - Mossa 2006).

He began to paint after the war, in Gorizia, where he frequented the Caffè Teatro, a meeting place for the city's intellectuals and artists, animated by the presence of Tullio Crali, Curzio Cossa, Ostiglio Gianandrea, Cesare Devetag, Mario Sartori and the very young Sergio Altieri, Mario Tudor and Ignazio Doliach with whom he immediately became in tune. In 1946 he exhibited at the "Dama Bianca" Prize which took place in a tavern of the same name (now non-existent) in Borgo Castello. In 1947 he held his first, important, personal exhibition at Palazzo Attems, then still owned by the municipality. In 1950 he visited the Venice Biennale and, like Altieri but especially Doliach, he was fascinated by the presence of the Mexican painters who characterized that edition and, in particular, by the paintings of Rufino Tamayo. On this occasion Mocchiutti saw for the first time the works of Matisse, who won the Golden Lion for painting in that edition. In 1951, 1955 and 1959 he was present at the Quadriennale di Roma, the most important national exhibition of Italian figurative art. In the edition of '55 he is invited with a wall of works and is awarded a prize. A few months later, still in Rome, he set up a solo exhibition at the "Odyssia" Gallery. In 1958 he exhibited at the "Girasole" Gallery in Udine. He joined the exhibitions promoted by the International Group of Visual Art "2xGO" until the last exhibition, set up in Nova Gorica in the great hall of the Kulturni Dom, a few months before his death.

In 1970 he was invited to Gradisca d'Isonzo, to the Sala Civica , where he presented over one hundred paintings. In the 80s he is very active. He exhibits in Fagagna and at the Palazzo Comunale di Venzone as well as at Palazzo Torriani in Gradisca d'Isonzo in the newly established "Luigi Spazzapan" Gallery. In 1992 his works are in Udine, at the "Colussa" Gallery and in 1999 he is present with 40 paintings in the hall of the Palazzo dei Congressi in Grado. In 2000 he held personal exhibitions in Udine, in the Confraternity House, in the Castle and in San Giovanni al Natisone, his town of origin, in Villa de Brandis. In September 2004, following a long period of infirmity that did not allow him to paint, he wrote the book "Il Bracconiere, il suo mondo, il suo tempo" (The Poacher, his world, his time) stories published by the Campanotto editions in the series "Le carte nascoste" directed by Federico Santini. Then he regains vigour and desire to do and returns, with eagerness, to painting. He exhibited at the Refectory Caucigh in Udine, at the Town Hall of Moraro and in June 2005, for the third time since 1970, in Gradisca d'Isonzo in the rooms of the Regional Gallery of Contemporary Art "Luigi Spazzapan". One year later, in the early afternoon of June 2, 2006, Cesare Mocchiutti, who had been suffering from unbearable pains for some time, decided to take his own life. In the morning he wanted to finish some small brightly coloured paintings he had been working on for days.