Morassi Luisa (1903 - 2002)


Elvira Luisa Morassi Bernardiswas born in Gorizia on 22 July 1903. After graduating from the Technical Institute in Gorizia, she graduated in 1928 - the first woman to do so - at the Politecnico di Milano. She became the first woman architect in Gorizia. She worked in Giò Ponti's studio in Milan, specializing in interior design. She spent two years in Paris, coming into contact with many artists from Gorizia and the trends of contemporary architecture. Returning to Gorizia, she was commissioned to design and manage the "Bottega d'Arte" where ENAPI exhibited objects of local handicraft production. 

He continued the design in the field of furniture, creating the library and management offices of the Psychiatric Hospital, the management offices of the Provincial Council of Corporate Economy (Chamber of Commerce), the Prefect's office, a hall of the Province, the furnishings of the mortuary chapel of the Central Cemetery. Luisa Morassi got married and taught at the Art School (later Art Institute) of Gorizia, with the task of the artistic direction of the wood workshops, without ever leaving the furniture and furniture design sector, which earned her national and international recognition. She died in Gorizia at the age of 98 on 22 February 2002, after having seen her work remembered and enhanced with a publication, an exhibition ("Luisa Morassi Bernardis architect. L'arte di progettare il quotidiano", curated by Fabia Cabrini and Annalia Delneri) and the creation of a website dedicated to her.