Morelli de Schönfeld Carlo (1730-1792)


Carlo Morelli de Schönfeldwas born in Gorizia on 4 May 1730. Appointed provincial councillor when he was only twenty-four years old, he was engaged in various study missions abroad, visiting the sea towns of Italy and France for matters concerning the free port of Trieste. 

He was then in charge of the revision of the cadastre (giuseppino cadastre or, in Gorizia, also called Morelliano for his intervention) and of the ordering of the public archives of the city: also in this case his name remained to characterize the work done, and the collection kept in the Provincial Historical Archives took the name of Morelliana. It was precisely from the rich archive material that he had examined the data for the drafting of his Historical Essay of the County of Gorizia, the first part of which, relating to the period from 1500 to 1600, was printed in 1773, while the second and third volumes, also including a series of lives of illustrious people of Gorizia, were published only in 1855 by Della Bona with the title, also provided by Morelli for the complete edition of his work, of Istoria della Contea di Gorizia. However, that first volume was enough to define him "father of the homeland history". Carlo Morelli died in Gorizia on 3rd September 1792. The Town Council recognized his merits as a scholar and historian by placing his bust in the municipal hall and naming the street where he lived after him, "one of the main streets of this city", Giuseppe Floriano Formentini noted in this regard: on his house, a plaque recalls his figure and his work for the history of Gorizia.