We at Gorizia3.0 are proactive: the Piccolo today opens the city page with an SOS regarding an issue raised long ago by the journalist Antonio Devetag on his blog Goriziagorizia, in which he already remembered two years ago the inexorable degradation of a very important work of art: "The wall of the five languages" made by the extraordinary woman Alba Gurtner from Gorizia - in the photo, a true promoter of the city art - and cites the names of the authors*. The murals, aimed at embellishing the grey walls surrounding the former cotton mill of Piedimonte, a hamlet of Gorizia, reveal the immense artistic culture that the city boasts. Great artists of our territory enclosed in different styles, in different techniques, in the simplicity of a talking wall. It speaks of culture, of our culture. And this is why it is not possible to lose a testimony that eternal of the great painters, who have contributed to raising the cultural and artistic level of Gorizia. It is shameful to let such a block of concrete and beautiful testimony fall into oblivion and ruin. In this sense, we take the liberty of proposing. To avoid the total degradation of the murals, whose arrangement would be problematic (a possible conservative restoration could be too expensive?) they could be realized - as the journalist, Antonio Devetag suggested some time ago on the FB page of Gorizia - with the availability of Gorizia's photographers, photos to be transposed on 1:1 format panels, and then inserted in Piedimonte in the empty spaces of the wall. And these photos could be repurposed also in the empty windows of the city: a solution that would allow immortalizing a piece of art history, that we cannot afford to lose.

Rossella Dosso - Gorizia3.0

*From the FB Gorizia page: "Important works by : Sergio Altieri, Alessandra Bernardis, Dare Birsa, Luciano De Gironcoli, Alfred De Locatelli, Ilario Demartin Chiara de Santis , Patrizia Devidè Nico Di Stasio, Ignazio Doliak, Vasia Drasciic, Franco Dugo, Sabrina Feroleto, Paolo Figar, Maurizio Gerini, Gerardo Gimona, Tom Kersevan, Stelio Kovic, Sendi Mango, Vanja Mervic, Valentin Oman, Ernesto Paulin, Jurij Pavlica, Roberto Rosolin, Luka Sirok, Fulvia Spizzo, Giorgio Valvassori, Giovanni Vatrella, Adriano Velussi. "