The young town councillor Nicol Turri, an expression of the Slovenian community of St. Andrea, proposes innovations - among other things pleasant - regarding traffic in Gorizia. An innovative and aesthetically pleasing project that increases the safety of citizens, especially pedestrians and road users. Speaking in detail, Consigliera Turri proposes to experiment pedestrian crossings with 3d crossings belonging to the category of 'traffic calming', i.e. the category of traffic moderation. In this specific case, thanks to the particular technique with which the strips are drawn on the asphalt, they create a three-dimensional optical illusion such as to make them appear lifted off the ground, representing an insurmountable physical obstacle and, as a consequence, instinctively provoking the immediate reaction of the motorist who unconsciously is led to slow down the traffic in favour of weak users (pedestrians and cyclists). Currently, such 3D crossings have been successfully used in several Italian cities and especially in other countries, to name but one, Iceland, positioned at particularly critical and dangerous points on the road for pedestrians, to make motorists slow down, forcing them to brake at their sight. Speaking in terms of costs," explains Nicol Turri, "we are talking about reduced investments, since it is a matter of laying simple road markings in three different colours, without any structural changes to the road infrastructure. But that's not all: Councillor Turri points out that there are also "creative" pedestrian crossings, i.e. innovative crossings, created "ad inventiva" according to the place and the meaning that you want to express: having taken note of the candidacy for the Capital of Culture in 2025 together with Nova Gorica, consider also involving street artists to create such "creative" crossings, pointing out that recent experiments have been carried out in San Martino al Tagliamento.


In the photos: Nicol Turri and an effectively applied example of the proposal that will lead to the city council of Gorizia