We want to tell you about the current state of one of the few "spearheads" of our city: the civic wind orchestra "CITTÀ DI GORIZIA".

True excellence of our territory that must be encouraged both because it is a symbol of a true Gorizia culture and for the many successes and awards it has achieved, such as that of the Prime Minister as a "musical group of national interest".

Then let's not talk about the great possibilities it has given to the city and many young musicians. In a few words, a real treasure of Gorizia that, if well promoted and enhanced, can contribute (as it has the potential) to really and effectively relaunch the tourist-cultural attraction of our beloved Gorizia.

And now? What is happening? We have come to know, reading a post by the deputy conductor M.o Angelo Portelli (at the bottom is the link), that, with great regret, there is no possibility to plan any activity due to lack of funds. It was not even possible to organize the ritual concert of Ferragosto in Piazza Vittoria. Come to think of it, a real shame, since it managed to revive that vast and desolate square, difficult - as everyone knows - to fill.

However, from what we can see, this is only the beginning of a tragic and suffering death that this orchestra is suffering; an orchestra that has always been able to give prestige and lustre to our Gorizia, both in the Region and beyond. We hope that whoever is able, wants and knows how to solve this problem, which absolutely must be faced and solved.

Luca Michelutti - Gorizia3.0

PHOTO: (photo by Paolo Mileta - Concert with the Civic Wind Orchestra conducted by M.o Giorgio Magnarin, with the participation of Città di Gradisca Chorale conducted by M.o Luca Peressin, Cappella Metropolitana conducted by M.o Fulvio Madotto, Gruppo Polifonico Caprivese conducted by M.a Lorella Grion, Corale N. Bearzot San Lorenzo Isontino conducted by M.a Raffaella, on the occasion of the Republic Day 2017 - Teatro Verdi di Gorizia)