Pacassi Nicolo' (1716 - 1790)


The distinguished architect Nikolaus Leonard von Pacassi was born in Wiener Neustadt on March 5, 1716, son of the sculptor Giovanni Pacassi from Gorizia, who had been called to Vienna for some works in the Capuchin Chisa. Even if we have no certain news it seems that Nicolò's youth passed to Gorizia and we know that his father enjoyed the prestigious protection of Sigismondo d'Attems, one of the most prominent aristocratic figures of the 18th century. His first known work is already of excellent stature and is from Gorizia: the Attems palace of Santa Croce, today seat of the Town Hall of Gorizia. Also for the Attems a few years later Pacassi built the Attems Petzestein Palace (1745), which today houses the Provincial Picture Gallery. A few years later he designed and built the splendid suburban villa of Piedimonte, unfortunately destroyed during the First World War. In 1748, he was appointed to the graces of Empress Maria Theresa and became superintendent of imperial buildings, the most important architect of the Viennese court. 

In this capacity he built many buildings in the imperial territories and countless renovations. Among other things, he built the Convent of Mary Immaculate in Prague and the high altar of the Hofkirche in Innsbruck and the Kreuzkirche in Vienna. In Klagenfurt, he designed the palace that was removed from Archduchess Maria Anne, completed in only two years 1769-1771, perhaps his most significant work. Appointed Baron, he wanted to donate to Gorizia the design of the Fountain of Hercules , destined to the Horn Square and today kept in the gardens of the Provincial Museums of Gorizia. He died in Vienna on November 11, 1790.