No controversy but a simple observation: Gorizia in the national and international field is not promoted as it deserves its many treasures that we try to point out on this page FB (only èStoria and, especially in the Region, Gusti di Frontiera are relevant). Gorizia as a city, as a whole, as a destination for a cultural or food and wine weekend, or simply tourist, in practice does not exist. A factory defect, which derives from the fact that everyone goes on his own: the Municipality of Gorizia, the Carigo Foundation, the Coronini Foundation, the Chamber of Commerce of Venezia Giulia, the former provincial museums today Erpac, the State Library Isontina, and so on ... We have already written on this page about the need to reach a unique direction of these institutions: the problem is complex, but we believe that it must be solved so that a city that otherwise only feeds internal "tourism" is given prominence, creating frenetic city animation with 1500 events a year (4,1 A DAY!) that not only can't reach Milan or Roma but hardly even Udine or Trieste. 

Since we do not criticize without proposing, we believe that the first thing to do (and soon) would be to organize a Promotion Agency, financed by the above-mentioned bodies in the due proportions and that would employ young publicists of our territory, sometimes very good, forced to write today on various newspapers for a few pennies per article/service. An Agency that would employ these young people on a rotating and project-based basis, which means that the heads of the various institutions would finally be forced to sit at the same table to program major cultural events related to the promotion of tourism in the city.

Luca Michelutti - Gorizia3.0