Pasconi Gasparo (1688-1746)


Gasparo Pasconi, Franciscan, born in Gorizia in 1688 to Francesco Pasconi and Teresa Codelli, played an important role in the erection of the archdiocese of Gorizia. In fact, being an educated and authoritative exponent of his Order, fresh from a decade of teaching philosophy, theology and canon law in Rome, he was delegated to follow the negotiations for Gorizia to become the archiepiscopal seat on behalf of Baron Agostino Codelli, who had made a considerable sum available for this purpose and the fully furnished Codelli palace (palace which later became the seat of the archbishopric). Pasconi then went to Vienna, with a gift of ninety thousand florins for Empress Maria Theresa, destined to have Gorizia's requests favourably considered. The fact that he had been designated to follow the matter personally led Pasconi to believe that he could be chosen as the first archbishop of the new diocese: this did not happen, however, since in 1752 he was appointed archbishop Carlo Michele d'Attems. Disappointed, Gasparo Pasconi retired to the convent of Monte Santo. He died on March 15, 1754, in the hospice of Salcano, and was buried in the church of Monte Santo. Pasconi was Father Guardian of Monte Santo, General Visitor in the Province of St. Anthony in Bavaria and Franciscan Provincial Father. He also wrote the history of the convent and its foundation, the Historia ecclesiae et conventus montis sancti Divae Virginis Gratiarum, published in Venice in 1746.