Paternolli Giovanni (1888 - 1923)


Giovanni Paternolli,born in Gorizia on December 12, 1888, was one of the protagonists of that magical, perhaps unrepeatable season of Gorizia culture that saw the presence of Carlo Michelstaedter, Enrico Mreule, Biagio Marin, Ervino Pocar, Sofronio Pocarini, Enrico Rocca and others. All close in age, young, enthusiastic, and united by a strange fate that after the death of Michelstaedter, certainly the greatest and perhaps the inspiration of many of them, then Paternolli, almost all saw them leave Gorizia for other places or for a final separation - a sudden and premature death.

Giovanni -called Nino - Paternolli had inherited the family printing house and bookshop, located in Piazza Grande, which had been a cultural centre for Gorizia since 1837. After his university studies in Innsbruck, Graz, Vienna and finally Padua, and after the war fought in the ranks of the Austro-Hungarian army, he rebuilt, with the help of his wife Pina Venuti, the bookshop, the stationery shop and the printing house, seriously damaged by the war events, moving them to Corso. Around the bookshop, but also and above all in the nearby house of Nino Paternolli, a sort of cultural cenacle of the young intellectuals from Gorizia, who found in Paternolli their point of reference.

But they were not content to reactivate the printing house. He wanted to give a cultural imprint to his work, setting up a publishing house to give the prints, beyond the commissions, quality works, an expression of the group of intellectuals that had formed: he published La girlanda de gno nuns of Marin, The North Sea of Heine in Pocar's translation, the volume 9 August 1916, the collection of Dantean essays of Res. And he took part in the public life of the city, running for election in the Action Group list in 1922 and being elected town councillor. He remained in office for less than a year, the duration of the short term of the mayor Antonio Bonne, forced to resign from the advent of Fascism. Not even a year later, on August 19, 1923, Nino Paternolli, who was a mountaineer and member of the CAI, fell from Poldanovez, in the valley of Tribussa, during a mountain excursion in the company of Ervino Pocar. He was thirty-five years old. The misfortune was inexplicable, and happened in the late afternoon of a Sunday spent happily in contact with nature. Paternolli, who was opening the way, busy in a difficult stretch, replied to Pocar, who invited him to give up: "Ah, no, dear, I'm not going back this way, I assure you. "Shortly afterwards he fell without a word that foreshadowed the danger, without a cry: the cry came from his stunned friend: 'Nino, Nino!