The news: the FVG Region has contributed 40 thousand euros to support the candidacy of Collio-Brda as a UNESCO World Heritage Site: a land of Veneto wines, Prosecco, made it a few months ago. 

Collio, with its wines, landscape and gastronomy represent for the province of Gorizia an inestimable treasure that should be exploited without parochialism and the prevalence of absurd monopolisms, rivalries between institutions that have often - or rather almost always - cancelled out our potential. A territory that must constitute a productive whole and equipped to welcome medium-high end tourism, in agreement and synergy with Grado and Aquileia. Together with Brda (the Slovenian side), il Collio it is a candidate to become a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which would be the right recognition of a unique territory and its inhabitants, who over the centuries have been able to build a splendid habitat, where not only wines appreciated throughout the world but also products of absolute excellence originate, such as Rosa di Gorizia, D'Osvaldo hams, Zoff cheeses and Romans salami, the beautiful cherries and peaches of our hills (and we have certainly not said it all). 

This treasure - we have already said it - should be brought together under a brand, a logo (Made in Collio?) which not only focuses on agricultural production but also who is responsible for enhancing it and who offers it to tourists in restaurants, trattorias, taverns. This treasure should have - in our opinion - one of its temples in the Covered Market of Gorizia. But we are too naive and perhaps we assume acts and willingness superior to the qualities of our territory.