Pier Andrea Mattioli (1501- 1577)


Born in Siena on March 12, 1501, the doctor and botanist Pier Andrea Mattioli was a proto-medicine of Gorizia from 1542 to 1554. A botanical scholar - in the course of his studies he described one hundred new plants - during his stay in Gorizia he wrote his commentary to Dioscoride, an essay on plants and their properties, richly illustrated by numerous engravings, whose preface is dated from Gorizia. The work, which contained all the notions of medical botany then known, was repeatedly reprinted and translated into several languages, and was a huge success in sales. After his departure from Gorizia, Pier Andrea Mattioli travelled to different states of the empire and was the personal physician of Ferdinand and Maximilian II. He died in Trento in the first months of 1577.