Pilon Veno (1896 - 1970)


Veno Pilon, born in Aidussina in 1896, was one of the greatest Expressionist painters and graphic designers in Gorizia, very close to the great Spazzapan whom he called Spac or Luis. After attending school in Gorizia in 1920 Pilon enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence where he was admitted to attend Celestini's engraving courses. From there he moved to Vienna where he learned the techniques of the nude at the industrial art school. In the meantime he had close relations with the art galleries of Ljubljana and Zagreb, although in Gorizia he always maintained very close contacts with Spazzapan, Cargo, the musician Kogoj, and Antonio Morassi, a great admirer of his, who gave him a personal exhibition in Gorizia alongside names such as Brass and De Finetti. 

A great one of 20th century painting and engraving. He died in Aidussina in 1970. Many of his most important works are kept in Aidussina ( www.venopilon.com - address Prešernova ulica 3 5270 Ajdovščina) where numerous works by V. Pilon are on display as well as the archive with manuscripts, correspondence, books and personal objects of the artist. The house was renovated by the architect Svetozar Križaj who was awarded the Plečnik Prize in 1976. Works by Veno Pilon are kept in the Provincial Museum of Gorica.