Polvaro Carlotta (1801 - 1851)


Carolina (Carlotta) Polvarowas born in Gorizia in 1801 and discovered by chance her vocation for the theatre when she was twelve years old, when a small company passing through Gorizia looked for a girl willing to play a small part with improvised casting. The teenager Carlotta showed up, was chosen and was successful. So she continued to walk the stage, first in small companies, then in more prestigious companies, always in the role of "prima donna", playing heroines such as Joan of Arc, Sappho, Francesca da Rimini, with great public and critical success. At only twenty-seven years of age she became a partner in the company of the great Gustavo Modena, obtaining a long series of successes and earnings. A great actress and beautiful woman, she was considered one of the most valid interpreters of Italian theatre of the time, excellent both in tragic roles and in comedy. Her love life was troubled: married at the age of seventeen to Alessandro Angiolini, her partner on the stage, she separated after three years of marriage, and later joined the actor Luigi Pezzana. She never left the theatre: she died in Brescia in 1851, while still acting.