The Theatre, in a city, can be considered the temple of Culture. Certainly, the perfect place where you can meet, have fun, reflect and experience emotions. And the theatre in Gorizia has become a real meeting place for many people from Gorizia and several years it has been the pride of the city, a regional reference point.

We have already reached mid-season and Verdi records record numbers: 10 thousand presences and 9 sold-out shows. Only one thing can stop these records: the fixed number of seats inside the theatre (which are just under 700).

Honestly, we expected the arrival of these record numbers, especially after having seen and analyzed the rich program of this theatre season. An artistic billboard full of originality and uniqueness, with names of famous and famous people all over Italy and beyond. For example, Ale&Franz (who inaugurated the theatre season), A. Preziosi, L. Argentero, PIF, but also personalities from the musical world, such as Uto Ughi, A. Griminelli, and many others like Vittorio Sgarbi, M. Goldin, Ivan Bessonov, ...

However, who is the person responsible for writing the artistic billboard? The one who decides which shows, which actors to bring to Gorizia? (obviously making an immense effort considering that, although it is a small town, we can boast unique and original shows throughout the Region).

This person is the artistic director of the theatre. And the artistic director of the Teatro Verdi of Gorizia is Walter Mramor (in the picture), and it is thanks to him that Gorizia can host (and boast of having as guests) great actors, musicians, dancers, and many others.

Walter Mramor is an actor, director, producer and artistic director. A professional in the entertainment world who can boast a curriculum full of projects, goals and satisfactions. A Goriziano who has achieved great results, with honesty and dedication to work, a Goriziano who deserves our heartfelt recognition for what he does for the city, considering that the theatre of Gorizia (as we have already said) has become the flagship for the entire community and a regional reference point.

Luca Michelutti - Gorizia3.0

P.S. We would like to advise the administration to implement the promotion of the events, considering the uniqueness and originality of some shows: it would be important that the communication crosses the province to make our season known also to the neighbouring provinces. It would be strategic also for the whole city to attract the attention of spectators who could take advantage of visiting the beauties that Gorizia can offer.