For the people of Capriva del Friuli and the Destra Isonzo (municipalities located at the right side of the river Isonzo) more generally, it is a dream come true: there is, in fact, the possibility that the railway stations of Capriva del Friuli and Mossa will be reopened - six years after their closure, for reorganisation reasons, but without significant economic savings. 

The Regional Council has in fact approved an agenda signed by the Regional Councillor Diego Bernardis through which the Regional Councillor for Transport and the President Fedriga undertakes to verify with Trenitalia this circumstance, desired by the users of Capriva and Moraro and San Lorenzo Isontino. And that's not all. The extension of the opportunities for public transport services in the Destra Isonzo area is, in fact, a need particularly felt by those who are forced to reach Cormons or Gorizia by their means - especially workers, students and commuters - to access the railway service. We also know for sure that the Apt is verifying the possibility to upgrade the urban bus service on the Gorizia-Cormons line and this has been a battle also carried out by Gorizia3.0. The extension of the urban bus service within the entire Collio area, for which our page has recently hosted the positions taken by the minority councillors of the Municipalities of Capriva - including myself and Luca Michelutti, Mariano Corrado Pipp and the Councillor of Gorizia Tomasella - would, in fact, represent a precise and exhaustive response to the needs of the resident population. Let's add that the speech of enhanced public transport in this perspective could finally make the mayors of the municipalities reflect on the need for more and more operational synergies in the territory of Collio "goriziano-cormonese". While Cormons has already started a series of initiatives with the municipalities of the Destra Isonzo, it remains to be known how Gorizia will want to interact with these realities so similar to it and so linked to a city that is preparing to become the provincial capital again.