Roberto Cantarutti (1968)


He lives and works in Cormons. His painting develops in the field of figuration and the search for new expressive textures. The relationship between "body and nature" and "body that measures itself against the geometries of the world" are the fundamental elements of his painting. Between 1996 and 1998 he took part in the Visibili/invisibili project workshop at the Officine Creative di Udine. From 1995 to 2004 he painted and exhibited in his studio in Cividale del Friuli, working simultaneously as an illustrator for early childhood. He moved to Cormons where he continued his artistic research. In 2008 he opened "TILT", an exhibition space with an adjoining workshop in the historic centre of Cormons, where he was able to take part in cultural activities promoted by local institutions. The first personal exhibition dates back to 1997: in Corte Brusini in Cividale del Friuli, entitled "Interior images of daily life". This was followed by numerous other personal exhibitions including: in 1998, "Progetto segnali della città" at the Spazio Informagiovani in Udine; in 1999, "Progetto zona centro" at the Compralibro bookshop in Udine; in 2000, "Filologico" at the Youth Centre in Cormons; in 2001, "Diverse Geografie" at the ACTIS space in Trieste; in 2006, "Dialoghi" at the Rebus bookshop in Cormons and "Convergenze" at the Villa de Brandis in San Giovanni al Natisone. In 2008 he exhibited at "TILT" on the occasion of the opening of the exhibition space in Cormons; in 2009 he held a solo exhibition at the "Figli delle Stelle", on the Giudecca Island in Venice; in 2010, in Gorizia at the "Wine Cafè 1628" in Piazza della Vittoria he presented a series of small paintings entitled "Metamorfosi". There are four personal exhibitions in 2011: in Cormons, at the restaurant "Ai due fratelli" at the Enoteca Comunale and at the Bar Rullo in Piazza XXIV Maggio as part of a review of painters from Cormons; "Alla Posta", exhibition space in Aiello del Friuli. In 2012 is present at the bookshop "Prospettive" in Gorizia a selection of paintings entitled

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"From the Sea." From 1996 to 2012 he participated in many group exhibitions, painting prizes and competitions including: "Visible/Invisible" at the Casa della Contadinanza di Udine; "Panoramantique..." , Torre di via 1°maggio in Cividale del Friuli; "Didivuè - Oggi Oggi", cultural centre "I Colonos" in Lestizza (Ud); "Pnudgots" at Studio Tommaseo in Trieste. He is selected for the exhibition/competition "Maninfesto" at Villa Manin Centro d'arte contemporanea di Passariano (Ud), where he wins the third prize in the competition open to all the painters of the region. Group exhibition "C6" at the State Library of Trieste; "Lungo i Bordi", itinerant exhibition, at Palazzo Manzioli Izola (Slo), at the State Library of Gorizia and at the Municipal Gallery of Contemporary Art "Ai Molini" in Portgruaro (Ve); "Arte Eventi Dobialab" in Dobbia di Staranzano (Go); "In/Contro" with Luciano de Gironcoli at the Bar Rullo in Cormons; "Pinocchio and the wolf" in Cervignano del Friuli; "Small format exhibition" Atelier Bernot in Gorizia; Calendar of the Mitteleuropean Alzheimer's Centre, exhibition of works at the State Library of Gorizia; "Cortocircuito, arte nel paese" headquarters of the Society Cormons Austria, Cormons; "Beats",cafè Bordo, Kolodvorski muzej Tranasalpina, Nova Gorica (Slo); "Fat(t)o a mano" Cantarutti, de Gironcoli, Valentinuz, Palazzo Meizlik Aquileia; "Libri Di_Versi", municipal contemporary art gallery Portogruaro and former factory Villa Mocenigo in Alvisopoli; "On the Road", via Roma in Udine; "60X60 Images" at Teatro Nuovo Giovanni da Udine; "Iztirjeni" galerija Tir, Solkan (Slo). Participate in the project "1+1 = 3 Il Paesaggio della Pittura - Roberto Cantarutti and Luciano de Gironcoli present Rolu Gircan" with exhibitions at the Museum of the territory of Palazzo Locatelli in Cormons on the occasion of the event "Sconfinando 2008" and at the "Art Base Galery" in Brussels in 2012.