We have long perished on this blog to teach about our history and culture in schools. Recently we have also proposed to name the Dante Alighieri Classical High School, heir of the Staatgymnasium, after the most illustrious of our fellow citizens, Carlo Michelstraedter, who was a pupil of that school. 

Many consents and some annoyed dissent, coming from the school world, in the name of that "quieta non movere" (from Latin: "do not shake what is calm, but rather calm what is agitated"), that hiding the problems under the mat, is making Gorizia fade. However we repeat it, it is necessary that in middle school, if not at the elementary school and therefore high school, we study the history and culture of Gorizia. Without this didactic support, also considering the lack and insufficiency of initiatives aimed at expanding the knowledge of our city; especially young and very young people in Gorizia, do not even know where they live - practically regarding the events of Gorizia they are illiterate. Necessary teaching, which does not concern only Gorizia but the whole Friuli Venezia Giulia, where the knowledge of the territory is left to the goodwill of some professor or teacher. 

Recently, on the pages of the Messaggero Veneto, the President of the FVG Massimiliano Fedriga has relaunched this theme announcing the will to bring home - at the table of the renewal of the Pact with the State expiring in 2021 - also the speech of the school autonomy. Perhaps this will be the right occasion to bring an ancient problem to the centre of attention: how is it possible that very rich history - in terms of facts, culture, characters - such as that of our region - and that of Gorizia in particular - does not find the right consideration in the city's schools? They neglect a heritage that should represent our wealth, the cornerstone of our identity even if - and we turn to the Municipal Administration - the basis on which to build a cultural tourism project that would be rewarding and winning: because it is the result of a tangle of cultures and ethnic groups that make Gorizia an extraordinary unicum that has no equal in the region and that few other cities can boast of.

Rossella Dosso - Gorizia3.0