We will insist on the need to give a new structure to the Isontini Public Transport services (APT to understand), a topic that was discussed for our punctual questioning at the last town council of Capriva del Friuli. The question was welcomed by the mayor of Capriva Sergon - whom we thank - who highlighted some obstacles that would hinder the construction of a bus line in continuous service every half hour and until midnight from Gorizia to Cormons, a route to be changed from suburban to urban. There are also economic reasons, also because the APT - which we know to be in good financial health and we sincerely rejoice about it - would ask every interested municipality for a cash payment for this surplus service. We believe, however, that it is politics that sets the priorities for good land management. We believe that it is an idea that is environmentally friendly and meets the most urgent needs of citizens, whether they are elderly or very young. We would like - and many of them are with us on this line - a less expensive public service in the Gorizia-Cormons section with a view to a hoped-for and desirable increase in the use of public transport, in addition to the acknowledgement of an urbanistic situation of the Right Isonzo, to be rethought: everyone has realized that on the State Road from Gorizia to Cormons there is an urbanistic continuum - if not a city - without interruptions. What politics do if not interpret new situations and solve new problems. We'll talk about it again.