CRALI TULLIO (1910-2000)


Born in Igalo in Dalmatia on December 6, 1910, Tullio Crali moved with his family in 1922 to Gorizia, where he entered the ranks of the Futurist Movement at a very young age, of which he would become the last representative. Together with Marinetti, he was the author of the two Futurist posters "Parole in Libertà" and Illusionismo Plastico della Guerra". He was an exponent of Futurism in Trieste and Gorizia, participating in numerous Futurist initiatives in Gorizia and the region: trade unions and personal exhibitions, but also a passion for flying and the interpretation of air painting that visually rendered the exciting experience of flying.  

Air-painting, theatrical scenography, advertising posters, architectural projects, mineral element synthesis, plastic illusionism are some of the creative fields in which Tullio Crali has ventured during his research of artistic expression. He never detached himself from Futurism, continuing to interpret its different artistic solutions during his long activity, deserving the title of "last aeroplane painter" and always interpreting the spirit of research of experience and avant-garde of the Futurists.

In the Fifties, Crali left Gorizia for Paris, Milan and Cairo, without however severing relations with the city. He died on 5 August 2000 in Milan. His archive, together with many works, is at MART in Rovereto.