It is sad to see the many bare shop windows of the shops of Gorizia, once the beating heart of cross-border tourism. Other times, times of the "Jugo", harbingers of prosperity for the city and, in particular, for merchants. 

Today those lowered shutters could open - though occasionally - to new life. They could revive the city thanks to its immense heritage of history, culture and traditions. The idea is this, to be developed in what was for centuries the main commercial axis of the city: via Rastello, which with its shop windows, signs and even its original furnishings preserves intact the charm of the flourishing merchant centre that was, since the Middle Ages. An open-air museum, this is what we want to propose. Accessible to everyone, where to exhibit the artistic treasures kept in the Provincial Museums, by the Carigo Foundation, the Municipality, the Coronini Foundation, the Isontina State Library and private collectors who, through the desirable contribution of the Chamber of Commerce, could join in a synergic commitment, united by the very noble aim of offering to a wide range of visitors and the Gorizians themselves the artistic beauties (and there are many) that the city possesses. An initiative aimed at overwhelmingly reaffirming the cultural role of Gorizia, while representing an added value to the already ponderous credentials presented on the table of the recognition of Gorizia and Nova Gorica as European Capital of Culture.

Rossella Dosso - Gorizia3.0