A book that should not be missing in every Goriziano's library, for the abundance of news and anecdotes it contains, always accurately documented. Gorizia e i Calligari, masterfully written by 88-year-old Attilia Colombo, is a mine for those who love history: it retraces the events of Gorizia from its origins to our times, focusing the story around the Duomo and devoting careful interest to the religious world and everything that revolves around it, that is, almost everything until at least the 18th century.

Faith and power, Catholicism and secularism, clergy and nobility, misery and nobility merge in an indissoluble tangle also from the financial point of view, where it is also - and not only - the most wretched inhabitants of the countryside who pay for the erection of churches and the trappings for the functions and decoration of temples and chapels. The book, which we reserve the right to review by chapter, concludes with a detailed list of the Treasure of the Cathedral in which more than eight pages are dedicated to the treasures from Aquileia (the Treasure of the same name) and the Donation and Maria Theresa.

This link should remind our archbishop and the more culturally sensitive sectors such as Don Alessio Stasi, but also Marco Plesnicar, who dedicated a meeting on Wednesday at Villa Coronini to the discoveries of Corte Sant'Ilario:

1) To create, as was the intention of Archbishop Bommarco, the Museum of the Treasure of the Cathedral in that building (Museum of Santa Chiara) in which 5 billion lire were invested for this project and on which, for furnishings and display cases, the Carigo Foundation had committed 1 billion and 200 million lire.

2) Since we know that such a project, which would create a point of European tourist and cultural attraction in the centre of Gorizia, would have costs for the opening, we ask why, at a time when the provinces are about to be reconstituted - including Gorizia, by chance - personnel cannot be transferred to this Museum, whose custody and management could pass under the new Provincial Museums.

3) The project, having a European scope, should involve the Municipality, the next provincial authority, Cciaa fu Goriziana, Fondazione Carigo and particularly the FVG Region with special and extraordinary funding that could enrich the overall tourist offer and repair the disfigurement inflicted in Gorizia when the Provincial Museums were taken away from it. And don't say that it can't be done when in Grado the Treasure of the Basilica of Sant'Eufemia will be housed in a Museum.

4) Since we have sensitive antennas and, although young people without great illusions, we know that the Museum, until Gorizia will be voted to decline, will not be done, we ask the Curia why it is not active at least to realize an exhibition together with the entities and institutions already mentioned leading to the vision of the poor citizens of Gorizia and the possible and many tourists a temporary exhibition of the Treasure of Aquileia in Santa Chiara. Also taking advantage of the fact that 2020 has been declared the year of the Patriarchate by the FVG region.

It would be a way to celebrate worthily the close and indissoluble relationship between the community of Gorizia and the Archiepiscopal Curia, inheritance - we remember it - of the Patriarchate of Aquileia.