It does not seem to us that the news of the future reconstitution of the province of Gorizia has shaken the dead waters of the politics of Gorizia, engaged in personal quarrels, in the correction of other people's drafts more than in the planning of a future worthy of our city. Yet the new decisions of the regional council open new perspectives and deserve study and greater attention.

The future provinces, among other things, will no longer be the same and will gradually have more competences in addition to the traditional ones: including culture and, in part, tourism. Now while we are convinced of the importance of GECT and of the collaboration with Slovenia, which is indispensable for our city and among the few concrete initiatives of cross-border collaboration and which bears the signature of the centre-right and the first Romoli junta, we think that Gorizia cannot turn its back on its provincial territory, especially on those municipalities that crown it, which are scattered over the territory of that Collio Goriziano-Cormonese that with its world-class viticulture is one of its greatest treasures. The wine is for Destra Isonzo what Fincantieri is for Monfalcone, but without collateral damage.

Let's talk about San Lorenzo, Mossa, Capriva, Moraro, Cormons (but also Savogna d'Isonzo, Farra, Gradisca d'Isonzo, Romans, Mariano, Villesse, Medea): in short, all that territory historically Gorizia has for a long time constituted an urban unity almost without continuity and that would be worth joining in terms of some services: and on public transport proposing an urban (and not suburban) line from Gorizia to Cormons, we have already been the first to intervene, obtaining through young municipal councillors the approval of some mayors including that of Gorizia.

The new regional provisions on the new territorial institutions provide a whole series of measures that call the administrators to look beyond the next elections and their seats and armchairs. Let's give air to the brains and start thinking about wide territorial synergies as they do in Udine or Trieste, not caring about the reprimands of those who a few months ago had already sold out Gorizia and its Province. The collaboration between municipalities is already experiencing Cormons and Grado. The Island of the Sun has also managed to make projects of the vast area in two provinces: Udine and Gorizia. We are talking about a first step to do with the immediate vicinity, and then finally build a loyal and real collaboration with the Monfalconese and its peculiarities.

In the desert of ideas and in the absence of any promotion of the territory that is not a spot dedicated to the Gorizians themselves, it would be good to create a brand that identifies Gorizia and its territory, with its historical, artistic, cultural and enogastronomic treasures. A brand that brings together organically and for once in history all the institutions of Gorizia, with a special - and respectful - attention to those around us. It would then be up to the Municipality of Gorizia to be the leader of a memorandum of understanding - a public agreement, in the light of the sun, strong, indissoluble, clear in its objectives and not the replication of that failed and failed "Gorizia System" around whose table the participants studied how to make each other's shoes.