One of the promoters of the page Gorizia3.0, Rossella Dosso, twenty years old from Capriva del Friuli, a university student in Udine, has joined the Board of Directors of the new Teatro Stabile Friulano representing ARLeF (Agjenzie Regjonâl pe Lenghe Furlane). An extract of the motivations that led the Agency to this choice, which gives us great pleasure. "Rossella Dosso, despite being very young, already has to her credit an extensive cultural curriculum, with a particular focus on the Friulian language and culture. In 2017 she won the 1st edition, in the student category, of the literary competition "Vôs de Basse" in San Giorgio di Nogaro, with a story in Friulian. Previously, he had won other literary prizes in Cormòns, Chiusaforte, Gussola (Cremona), Roncadelle (Brescia) and Rodallo (Turin). To the awards received in the past, then, was added that of ARLeF, which wanted to reward the research work carried out by Rossella on the occasion of her high school diploma, in the school year 2017-2018, obtained at the Liceo Classico "Alighieri" of Gorizia. An in-depth study on the role of the historical Liceo Classico of the capital of Eastern Friuli (then Staatsgymnasium) played in the enhancement of the Friulian language and the definition of Friulianity in Gorizia, between the end of '800 and the beginning of '900 (years in which, for example, the Staatsgymnasium classified its students, based on their respective nationalities, in Slovenes, Friulians, Italians and Germans). "Our agency wants to focus on young people - explains the president, Eros Cisilino - not only with words but with deeds. Rossella Dosso will certainly be able to represent in the best way possible the link between Friuli and the precious Central European culture and will therefore certainly be able to make an important contribution to the newborn Teatro Stabile Friulano, which aims to produce and circulate quality theatre texts in the Friulian language throughout Friuli and not only in the Udine area. The appointment is also intended to be a cultural recognition of a territory, Eastern Friuli, which has always given so much to the enhancement and development of the Friulian language and culture".


Photo: - UdineToday - the Giovanni da Udine Theatre