Diego Bernardis former mayor of Dolegna del Collio is now regional councillor of the League and also president of the Fifth Regional Commission, which deals, among other things, with institutional affairs: the recent decisions that have safeguarded our province and therefore the very identity of the Isonzo and the role of Gorizia have been decisively supported by Bernardis who has kept the bar straight even when things were taking a bad turn. Once the province has been made, we must build the Isonzo, a handkerchief of land that manages to be conflictual. We have already suggested some concrete proposals, which mainly concern public transport, but culture and tourism, linked to food and wine can be winning bets. Two projects are starting to give a concrete international dimension to our excellent potential: Collio Brda UNESCO World Heritage Site and Gorizia-Nova Gorica European Capital of Culture. In what way can interact, make critical mass these two proposals. Diego Bernardis, interviewed by Rossella Dosso from Gorizia3.0, explains it to us.


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