Villa Russiz in Capriva del Friuli is a company that was founded and has maintained over time (since the end of the 19th century) its commitment to welcoming, assisting and educating the children less favoured by life. Through the Villa Russiz Foundation - a world-famous non-profit organization - the money for the sustenance of the educational activity is drawn. We learn from Il Piccolo that a wealthy entrepreneur was determined, also because of the not particularly happy economic situation of the institution, to acquire Villa Russiz, which is an integral heritage - for its history, tradition and rootedness in its social fabric - of Capriva del Friuli and of the entire community, both Isontine and regional. It was discussed in the town council and on this subject we are categorical: it is, therefore, right to take every possible action to avoid privatisation and we will also commit ourselves to avoid this unfortunate hypothesis. Villa Russiz is public property and as such must be protected, perhaps by rethinking the administrative and operational arrangements to make it economically self-sufficient.

R.D. L.M.

Photo Tourism FVG Villa - Fabrice Gallina