Vogel Giacomo (1760-1833)


Many benefactors were remembered by naming a street after them, but later received a different name, less linked to the history of the city. This is the case of Giacomo Vogel, remembered for various charitable works in favour of the Church of Gorizia and the poor. In 1784 he bought the Franciscan convent in Schönhaus (St. Anthony's Square) suppressed by Joseph II and the small adjoining oratory from the Inland Revenue, having the chapel of St. Anthony built there, which was consecrated to worship in 1823. In 1830 he used his house at number 20 in Borgo Vienna as a shelter for the poor, old and disabled. The hospice, known as "La Beneficenza" (to which a women's hospital was attached in 1847), housed about seventy poor men and women, most of whom had been deprived of a life of wandering or begging. Giacomo Vogel, who was born in 1760, died on December 5, 1833, at the age of 73. The town gave his name to the street that connected via Rabatta to via Parcar, which later took the name of Baiamonti.