Grado today is a dream, a very close dream, the beach of the Gorizians that has so much in common with Gorizia for that Central European stretch that unites them and that in the meeting between the Great Biagio Marin and Carlo Michelstaedter in the garden of the Staatgymnasium has its mythical synthesis. In bad times like this, it is therefore nice to make a virtual journey in "our island" that should be at the top of the synergy intentions of our administrators, for a tourist value that is the second in the Region after Lignano.

Today we will not be able to go to the Golden Island, but we will be able to evoke its wonders by preparing dishes like the "boreto a la graisana", the dish of Grado par excellence (also sung by Biagio Marin), with about ten variants, all tasty, of which we here below report the recipe noted down by the famous silver spoon site*, that the average currency is difficult*. It is an ancient and unique dish, accompanied by white corn polenta, characterized by the simplicity of the ingredients (fresh fish, extra virgin olive oil, garlic, salt, black pepper and vinegar) and the preparation. Created by the fishermen of the lagoon (casoneri) and handed down for generations, it was originally made with fresh fish that could not be sold at the market. The recipe never contemplates the presence of the tomato and this suggests that it was part of the food tradition of the fishermen who liked it even before Christopher Columbus landed in America. Because of its extraordinary history, the "Boreto a la graisana", since spring 2019, has been inscribed in the List of traditional food products of Friuli Venezia Giulia. In October and November - we hope - a special review dedicated to the tasty dish sees the restaurants of the castrum try their hand at various reinterpretations. This is not all: here is for the wolverines the Anguila in speo: the eel cut into pieces is cooked on a laurel branch spit. Or each piece of eel is alternated with a laurel leaf. Everything is browned on the embers, near the fireplace, for at least 4-5 hours, where it loses all its fat and becomes crunchy outside and soft inside. But there is also Sguasseto de Masurin, one of the most renowned game dishes in the lagoon, is duck stewed with spices and onion served with white polenta or pappardelle. A typical winter dish. We hope to taste them soon in the renowned restaurants in Grado.

*In a large pan with rather high edges, heat the oil, season the peeled garlic cloves, turn them dark gold and then remove them. Put the peeled and cut into medium-sized pieces (turbot, mullet, monkfish), salt and pepper them abundantly, when they are well-coloured spray them with vinegar and let it evaporate. Then pour cold water in sufficient quantity to cover the fish, cook over high heat for 10-15 minutes or until the liquid, evaporating, has turned into a thick sauce. Withdraw and serve the Boreto with yellow Polenta or fried bread croutons. Running for about 40 minutes.

Edited by Rossella Dosso - Gorizia3.0